Cara Rosenbloom, Registered Dietitian, discusses the findings of a panel of physicians and researchers examining attention-grabbing controversies related to heart health. Among the findings, the panel noted that there is no evidence that a gluten-free diet should be used to promote weight loss or boost heart health.


Chatelaine looks at 32 ways to savour your sandwich using a variety of delicious breads, fresh ingredients and creative upgrades that can all contribute to a healthy diet in different ways. 


Stacy Pelekhaty, a nutritionist from the University of Maryland Medical System and contributor to The Baltimore Sun, seeks to demystify gluten to help inform readers of the misinformation and myths surrounding the gluten protein,  gluten-free diets and weight gain attributed to gluten.  


Chatelaine seeks to separate fact from fiction on popular diets that promise quick and lasting results. Registered dietitian Andrea D’Ambrosio debunks myths surrounding carbohydrates and weight gain, and gluten-free diets and weight loss. 


CBC News outlines research from the Journal of Pediatrics showing that there is more risk than benefit for people, especially children, who have not been diagnosed with celiac disease or a wheat allergy and consume a gluten-free diet.


Writing in the Globe and Mail, Leslie Beck provides tips on navigating the bread aisle in the grocery store, focusing particularly on the benefits of whole grain bread.

Baker's Journal 

HGI SAC member Dr. Chibbar explains the science behind wheat and his findings that the nutritional content has changed very little over time. This article speaks specifically to bakers and their interest in the value and attributes of flour.

What Oprah Gets Right About Bread

Dietitian Cara Rosenbloom explains how Oprah knows what dietitians have been saying for years - weight control isn't about deprivation. Learn how bread can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. 

Canadian Living

Canadian Living highlights the MIND diet, a style of eating linked to a lowered risk of developing progressive degenerative brain disease. 

The Toronto Star

Advisor to the HGI Scientific Advisory Council, Dr. Carol Greenwood, discusses the link between cardiovascular health and dementia risk, specifically noting that a healthy diet featuring whole grains improves cognition scores among older adults. 

The Globe and Mail

Registered Dietitian Leslie Beck highlights the importance of prebiotic-packed foods with respect to weight management, noting that prebiotics found in whole grains can be instrumental in fighting weight gain and promoting health. 

CTV Saskatoon
Interview with Dr. Chibbar

Dr. Ravindra Chibbar discusses new research from the University of Saskatchewan that shows the overall nutritional quality and composition of wheat grain over the past 150 years has seen little change, refuting claims that modern crop breeding has changed the nutritional composition of wheat. 

Radio Canada International

HGI Scientific Advisory Council member Dr. Harvey Anderson discusses the importance of collaboration between the agricultural/food sector and medical sector in dispelling myths being spread about nutrition, and how eating a well-balanced, healthy diet can prevent illnesses later in life that can lead to increased medical costs.

CBC News
interview with Registered dietitian sue mah

In advance of the CBC's Fifth Estate "War on Wheat" investigative report, Registered Dietitian Sue Mah joined the CBC News Network to shed some light on the myths surrounding gluten, discussing the health and nutritional benefits of wheat while drawing attention to the pitfalls of a gluten-free diet for non-celiac/gluten-sensitive population.

CBC’s Fifth Estate
The War on Wheat

The CBC's Fifth Estate examined "The War on Wheat" looking at claims from the book "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis that wheat has been altered by science and is responsible for diseases like cancer, mental illness and a host of digestive problems. The segment quotes several high-profile, reputable scientists and medical professionals looking at the lack of science behind these claims.