CTV Saskatoon

On June 3, 2015, Healthy Grains Institute Scientific Advisory Council member, Dr. Ravindra Chibbar, appeared on CTV Saskatoon’s News at Six. The report highlighted that new research from the University of Saskatchewan refuted claims that modern crop breeding had changed the nutritional composition of wheat. Reporter Bob Simpson mentioned that the study also casts doubt on the belief that consumption of wheat products is tied to increasing rates of obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Chibbar features prominently in the segment highlighting the results of his research. “We have solid data, rather than just saying there is no change. Now, here is the evidence and people can make their own conclusions.”

The research demonstrates that the attack on wheat is unwarranted – “people who are gluten-sensitive, of course they cannot consume wheat, because they are predisposed to that. But the majority of the population, more than 90 to 95 per cent who do not suffer from that kind of sensitivity, for them wheat is a good grain.”