Coffee shops have become a staple of most downtown cores and busy walking traffic areas for the past decade and create many different spaces for various types of people. Some might just stop in for a little pick-me-up between dropping off the kids at school and heading to an appointment while others will spend an hour relaxing in a cozy chair with a latte and a good book. Fyxx Espresso Bar has been a meeting place for those that live and work nearby for more than ten years. Between the pastry selections and the funky atmosphere they give you lots of reasons to keep coming back and are an excellent example of why such locations are frequented by someone on the way to a meeting a client or a pair on a first date.

The first recorded example of an establishment that served coffee came to us in 1475 and was situated in Constantinople, which is now called Istanbul, Turkey. Coffee was a strong part of the Turkish culture and there is even a document that states that if a husband wished to divorce his wife he only needed to be able to provide her with enough coffee. Examining the traffic at a place like Fyxx in the morning, with those longing for some caffeine to get them through the day, this is not a hard story to believe.

It took a little more than fifty years for coffee to reach the rest of Europe and people to start doctoring the drink to their own tastes. It was also around the middle of the 16th century that merchants started selling the beverage with different sweets and pastries. During the next century, those in Britain started referring to coffee houses as "penny universities", as they were frequented by educated people mainly from the upper classes and this was the price of the drink. Today you will find everyone from a construction crew working on a site nearby to a boardroom full of lawyers from offices, enjoying their unique brew.

Throughout the years, coffee shops across the globe have been linked with the arts community. In a place like Fyxx you will see new artists displaying their work on the walls all the time and you might come in to find an open mic night into the evening. These are ideal locations for those living an artist's lifestyle as they are inexpensive and provide you with a cozy environment that seems to foster creativity.

The appeal of modern coffee shops is something that is going to be as varied as the drinks available on the menu. While some people make it a daily routine and can't even imagine heading out without starting the day with their favorite brew, others take it as a treat to unwind at the end of an especially long day with a cup of herbal tea. The best thing about a coffee shop or espresso bar like Fyxx is that it's a chameleon that can meet everyone's expectations.

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