What better place to hold a book club than a coffee shop or cafe? Seriously! Coffee shops and cafes are cozy, comfy, quiet, and peaceful. You can actually sit across from someone at a coffee shop or cafe during a book club and hear his or her insightful opinions about the book club selection everyone has gathered around to talk about. Holding book clubs at cafes and coffee shops also allows for you to actually leave your house.

Many local book clubs meet up at coffee shops or cafes in and the around the community to hold their weekly or monthly book club. There are even some bookstores that are located right beside a coffee shop or a cafe. Even better than that are the bookstores that have coffee shops or cafes inside the actual bookstore themselves! One day you can shop for the book club selection of the month and then the next day you could be discussing it with your peers in the very same venue.

Most cafes and coffee shops have large seating areas with big, comfy couches that you can use as the meeting area and book club discussion location. You might not even have seating as comfortable as the ones inside cafes or coffee shops.

Cafes and coffee shops aren't only good for drinking coffee and talking about books. They're also great meet-up spots for a variety of other reasons. A company can use a cafe or coffee shop to hold a general staff meeting in an environment that's casual and friendly. That allows everybody to feel relaxed and unwind after another long and hard day at work.

If you run a business out of your home property and need to hire somebody to come assist you on certain projects on a part-time basis but don't have a meeting venue then you can use a coffee shop or cafe for that purpose as well. Ask any potential applicant if they can meet you at a coffee shop or cafe within an area that is close to both of you and discuss why they want to work for you over a warm hot chocolate and delicious chocolate croissant. Even if you don't end up hiring anybody that day you'll still have a satisfied tummy full of treats.

Coffee shops and cafes are also a great place to get work done. Whether it's editing a power point presentation or writing a screenplay, you can do so at a coffee shop or cafe on your laptop because most cafes and coffee shops are wi-fi enabled. As you can see, coffee shops and cafes are pretty versatile and are no longer just about serving coffee.

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