Many of us do not feel that the day has really begun until we have our morning coffee. It is something that can wake you up if you've gone to bed too late the night before or something that can get us to the end of the day without falling asleep at our desk. If you're someone who has at least a couple of cups of coffee every day then you might think that it is a crazy notion that you should consider switching to decaf. But, while there are some benefits to caffeine, there are some negatives that you should be aware of as well.

The first negative is that you can develop a physical dependency on caffeine. The reason that you feel like you need a cup of coffee before you can leave your home and head to work is likely because your body is dependent on the substance. You might experience withdrawal through increased drowsiness, headaches, and the feeling that you cannot function properly. Some people even get shaky when they have not had the caffeine that their body is used to on a daily basis.

There are some people who will drink regular coffee in the morning and then switch to decaf or a different drink that does not include caffeine later in the day. And while you might think that this would stop any effect that the caffeine could have on your night's sleep then you should know that it can actually stay in your system for more than eight hours after you drink it. Some people find that it affects their sleep patterns no matter what time in the day they had their last cup. This is definitely something that you should think about if it's already difficult to drag yourself out in the morning to get to work or school.

If you're a regular coffee drinker then you likely don't usually get a buzz with your first cup of the day. It instead might return you to a state of just being more alert and ready for the day. But there are some that are more sensitive to caffeine and can have more severe symptoms. If you suffer from General Anxiety Disorder or something similar then you might want to stay away from caffeine. While it might keep you awake during that lecture hall, it could cause shaking or worse.

For some people, the most negative part of coffee might be that it means you will want to sign up for teeth whitening the next time that you go in for dental implants. Mississauga to Moscow, people have been drinking it for hundreds of years. But there are some that should consider switching to decaf in favor of having a healthier body and lifestyle.

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