If you have to spend the day dealing with picky homeowners like the professionals at home renovation rebate companies (like Rental Rebate for example), you will probably want to start your day with a strong cup of coffee. Many people, you might even say most people, need a cup of coffee, or several cups of coffee to get through their day. For some people anything that is hot and caffeinated will do the trick, but for many others coffee is a drink that is a custom as a fingerprint.

There are a huge number of ways you can make coffee. The varieties are almost infinite. Every cup of coffee starts with the coffee beans themselves. The beans can be of different varieties, they can come from different locations and be flavored in different ways. There is no one perfect coffee bean, of course, everyone has a favorite. Your neighbour might prefer one bean, while the local dog groomer will swear by another variety. Some people think that the bean is best pure while some prefer a flavored bean, hazelnut, for example.

If you are working out with a buddy you might have been told that drinking coffee can help you lose weight. This can be true, but it really only applies to black coffee, so if you are drinking coffee for weight loss you want to make sure it is prepared in a way that you love. Once the beans are selected you need to choose the roast that you prefer. Beans can be roasted on a spectrum from very light to very dark with the light beans providing a lighter tasting coffee and the darker roast creating a darker, richer coffee.

Once the coffee is brewed you will need to decide what to put in it. Most people don't take their coffee black. If you are making your own coffee it is worth it to discover what you like in your coffee. You should experiment with different types of whitener. Your option range from leaving your coffee black to adding rich cream. Most people fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum preferring a small amount of milk or light cream.

Finally, you need to choose whether you want to sweeten your coffee, and if so, with what. This often depends on the situation. If you are spending a long time in an airport for example, you might choose to sweeten your coffee with sugar to give yourself an added boost. But if you are just concerned with taste you should try everything from no sugar to honey.

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