When you think of that image of a little girl playing in her room one thing that might come to mind is her hosting a tea party for all of her toys. It could be a lavish affair with costumes and lots of stuffed animal guests or something to do when her friends come over for a play date. If you're thinking of planning a special day for your child, maybe for their birthday, you might want to think of adopting a tea party theme for the event. Here are some tips that could help you do that.

The first thing you need to consider when planning your party is the age of the guests that will be attending. If the children are going to be in the three to five age bracket than you will need to fill the party room with lots of different things to hold their attention. With children above the age of eight you can have real tea and snacks and even incorporate some crafts into the day that follow your tea party theme. There is also the option to include mothers in the day. A mother-daughter tea party allows you to catch up with your friends while the kids are playing. But you will need to plan for feeding both parents and children.

Having a tea party can mean adding lots of different details to the day. Some kids will want to play dress up before they sit down for tea and you could have a large selection of hats, boas, and costume jewelry for them to play with. Others might want something simpler where each guest is allowed to bring one of their favorite stuffed animals as a guest. You should also consider how much space you have to set up the tea party in your home. You might be able to set up one big table for everyone to sit at together or could use a few smaller children's tables.

Usually when planning a whole event for a child's birthday you're going to want to host something that extends past the time when they will be playing tea party. If you're having the event outside in the backyard you might want to serve a picnic style lunch with sandwiches and salads. If instead you're planning something in a smaller space inside you could think of some games for them to play where they can still be their tea party characters. Just use your imagination when you're transforming into the perfect tea party location.

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