For a lot of people, drinking coffee isn't just a necessary part of their day in order to function, it's also a social opportunity. You might have your friends over to your house to drink a cup of coffee with you and chat, but more often you'll meet them at one of your local cafes. In this article we will explore the role of local cafes in the caffeinated lifestyles of today's coffee drinkers.

Preparing coffee at home is a time consuming process. For coffee drinkers who don't want to get up in time to do it, there are local cafes just around the corner where they can pay the barista a few bucks to make their coffee for them in just a few seconds. This convenience factor is crucial to the caffeinated commute, where professionals get their caffeine during the drive or public transit ride to work and arrive caffeinated, awake, and ready to work.

Another draw local cafes have is that patrons can order a variety of different types of coffee that are expertly prepared and usually taste better than the average home brew. Making coffee at home may save patrons money, but they'll be limited to one or two different kinds of coffee. By dropping into a local cafe instead, they can buy a different kind of coffee every day if they want to, including the more finicky and time consuming drinks like espresso and cappuccino and special holiday flavors. One downside to the increasing prevalence of coffee drinks, other than the expense, is that anyone who indulges in these coffee options on a regular basis is probably going to want to budget for teeth whitening treatments as well - (just ask the staff at Uptown Yonge Dental). Coffee and red wine are the best and the worst!

Of course, people who stop into a local cafe on their way to work don't usually stay for very long. Yet most local cafes are usually filled with occupied tables. This is because there's a second set of cafe patrons out there. These eat-in patrons like to come to the cafe to get out of their house, meet up with their friends, and chat without worrying about their kids interrupting them or their houses looking messy. Local cafes are also neutral locations where people discussing business deals or having a first date can feel comfortable, as it's a sort of neutral zone.

And then there are the permanent fixtures. Every local cafe has them -- at least the ones with free wireless internet access do. These people work from home, but in order to get some time away, they bring their laptops to the local cafe so they can write their articles or novels or computer code in a different setting.

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